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Today I will explain in detail to each boring regards to site, and how to profit from it.
Has been addressed to this topic several times and in several forums, but this topic this time exclusively and Mvsal.-
There are many profitable companies through the shortcut links, including:, Link Bucks, Bitly, Inc., Wi-functioning ...

What company:
Is a company of corporate profitability by shortening promising links and that is the way it works in the shortcut links and profit from.
Profit from shortcut links? What is it?
Is a profitable way is completely dependent on the introduction of a link of any kind in the shortcut links that and then produces a new link leads to the same link site, but when you press the manual link before it leads you to the original link will display some ads you and so earns shortcut links money site and pay you a portion of its profits to publish links.
Example: You have an important link as a source of news important or exclusive video clip on YouTube, you Pachtsarh cross and put it in the long rectangle inside your account and pressure orange button replaces the other binder short you can publish in your blog, for example, and when clicked by visitors converts them to the original link, but not before Showing publicity for 5 seconds, a real secret that the company pays you versus shortcut links
Site features:
Payment: Paypal Payoneer
This company, helps Shipping Payoneer cards in the sense receipt of dividends by Payoneer MasterCard Prepaid Card
Automatic payment on 10 of each month unless met by the end of the week when you reach the minimum payment.
Minimum pay $ 5 for PayPal and $ 20 Basbh to Payoneer.

Of the advantages of the site as well is that every person involved in the location of your way (by your referral) computes you a percentage of the joint profits estimated at 20% and will not detract from their profits nothing.
20% commission on referrals - lifetime
If the link sent to your friend and your friend a profit of $ 100 you get 20% of the profit means $ 20
You can also cut thousands of links and sent to the post or publish in your website or blog.

After the comparison between the two locations to shorten the links to notice the difference yourself
See the difference between adfly and, and the number of ads in Show
adfly: 11669 earnings of $ 9.55 11205 profits of $ 14.64

How do I earn from this method?
Now we come to how to profit from the links that we Ptgosairha or shortened:
Profit from this method is easy, which is that the short links as mentioned above and then published in the posts in all forums and foreign private, for example, but not limited to, create special books in English and French, and publicity for your blog in foreign forums especially the American ones because the Code the price of clicks of the United States is much better than keystrokes other countries,.
At each time a person by clicking on the link, you will take the manual determined profitable companies profit from the shortcut links.
Note: You can put shortcut links in social networking sites as Twitter, Facebook and other social sites.

The registration process:
To start the registration process and follow these steps:
First, after the entry to the site you will see the following page click on the join
Second, then fill in the blanks with your data and then click on the Register
Third, go to the email and confirm registration




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