Vocabulary Grade 5

 We have 5 --------------- in every foot.

a) fingers b) toe c) hands d) toes.

 We have 10 ---------------- in our hands.

a) eyes b) toes c) fingers d) ears.

 A hair which isn't straight is -------------------.

a) curly b) twist c) blond d) black.

 Go ---------------- and turn left.

a) strong b) straight c) there d) next.

 The word (happy)= ------------------------.

a) angry b) excited c) strong d) scared.

 I was -------------- when I saw a lion.

a) happy b) excited c) scared d) straight.

 I was ----------------- when I didn't go to Dubai.

a) happy b) sad c) scared d) angry.

 We go to London by -------------------.

a) car b) plane c) bus d) boat.

 My mother gets angry when I ------------------ the milk.

a) eat b) drop c) wash d) drink.

 The animal which has a long nose is ------------------.

a) a giraffe b) a bee c) an elephant d) a deer.

 My mother gets angry when I ----------- the glass.

a) do b) carry c) break d) touch.

 The bus will -------------- at 6 o'clock.

a) be b) leave c) drive d) drop.

 We can see all animals at the -------------------.

a) house b) hospital c) school d) zoo.

 The cat always --------------- the mouse.

a) leave b) drop c) break d) chase.

 My uncle's son is my ----------------------.

a) brother b) nephew c) father d) cousin

 The plane will arrive at Abu Dhabi ---------------- at 4o'clock.

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